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Birth Doula Package



1-2 Prenatal Visits

Continuous Labor Support

Immediate Postpartum Support

1 Postpartum Visit

Labor & Birth Photography, if Desired

**$150 fee added for client home and/or birthing locations outside of Boulder County

Prenatal Visits

An opportunity to thoroughly discuss birth preferences and assist in the creation of a birth plan. Providing information and education as needed, I utilize these visits to help mom and any support person(s) work through questions, concerns or feelings about pregnancy, labor and delivery. Advanced understanding of birth expectations and preferences, health history, preferred coping mechanisms and support needs will help me fulfill my role as your birth doula.

Childbirth Support

As your birth doula, it is my duty to provide you with continuous support from the moment I am called until after you are settled in post-delivery. I draw on my extensive training, knowledge and experience to offer you emotional, informational and physical support to ensure a safe and satisfying birth experience. I do not provide medical advice or services but will help you and your support partner understand your options so that you can make well-informed decisions. I work for you and bring to each birth a heart of compassion, nonjudgmental support and confident advocacy.

Postpartum Visit

Our relationship does not end once you deliver your child. Within 2 weeks of delivery, I will plan to meet with you in your home to review the birth experience and relive the details of labor and delivery as desired. We can joyfully reflect on a positive birth experience or talk thoroughly through the emotions and questions surrounding a traumatic or unexpected birth experience. No matter the birth, I am there to listen, validate, and help you process all that comes along with the birth of a child! I am also committed to providing necessary resources to ensure safe and appropriate healing in the postpartum period. I bring each mama a meal intentionally created to support her healing body! I have extensive training in postpartum nourishment and create each meal according to the needs of the mother.

Birth Photography

As a special perk to my clients, I provide photography of labor and delivery as requested. I am not a professional photographer, but I am able to capture special moments and gift you the opportunity to watch your birth from a different perspective!

Pregnant woman in nature

Birth Navigation Calls


This is a 1 hour video chat and is perfect for any mama at any point in her journey! Wonderful if you're on a budget, haven't quite decided on a doula yet or just need a little additional guidance! The goal is to provide as much support, navigation, resourcing and education to help launch women and their partners successfully towards creating a vision, plan and support team they are confident in. I send an in-depth follow-up email after our call to include resources and further answers to what we may have discussed. Come with questions, concerns, fears and curiosities and you'll leave with answers, a renewed excitement and a reassurance in your pregnancy and birth journey.

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