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My Approach to Postpartum Care

You may have heard it said that when a baby is born, so is a mother. Honoring the sanctity of newborn mothers and their need for nurturing of both mind and body serves as the foundation of my approach to postpartum care. The fourth trimester is an intimate time of healing and transition that requires proper nutrition, body work and emotional support. Without these elements, mothers are left susceptible to challenges both physically and mentally far beyond the first year of life. It is my goal as a doula to help mamas feel rested, nourished, heard and held as they acquaint themselves with their role as the mother of a new child.


Postpartum Meal Delivery

$225 per delivery


4 course meal prepared specifically

for the needs of the individual mother

1 healing beverage

*meals designed for leftovers or to share,

serves 3-4 per delivery

My meals are prepared with quality and value at the heart. I seek out ingredients that are as local and organic as possible, ensuring that every component of my meal is of the highest quality with optimal nutrient value. I factor in the mother's birth experience, recovery needs, lactation details and dietary restrictions so that she can be well nourished in her unique postpartum time. Although my meals are specific to the needs of the mother, they can certainly be enjoyed by the whole family!

Fill The Freezer

$100 per delivery


~128 ounces of scratch made, pasture-raised beef bone broth and soup of choice, frozen in 16 ounce portions.


A wonderful option to help fill your freezer for the fourth trimester or maintain a supply of nourishing foods throughout pregnancy! All ingredients are as local and organic (or better!) as possible and will be delivered in an organized and easily stored manner. I freeze soups in a silicone container and then transfer to compostable freezer bags for storage.​​

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